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About Us

We created The Parent Advisor™  to provide parents an easy-to-use, trustworthy resource for product reviews. Our goal with The Parent Advisor™ is simple: To give you the information you need to find the BEST products for you and your child–smart products that work for you and your family. After all, nothing is more important than knowing you are giving your family the best.

The success and resourcefulness of The Parent Advisor™ relies on you, moms and dads! Without your honest product reviews, the site doesn’t work. The more parents that contribute to it, the better it becomes.

To encourage all of our parent advisors to leave honest, reliable, and useful reviews, we have developed an exciting bonus system. This way, everybody benefits from each other’s reviews and advice. Here’s how it works:

  • 10 product reviews= Silver status
  • 20 product reviews= Gold status
  • 50 product reviews= Platinum status

Silver Status:

Parent Advisors™ who reach Silver Status will be the first to know about exclusive sweepstakes, coupons, and contests for status members.

Gold Status:

Parent Advisors™ who reach Gold Status will be automatically entered into exclusive sweepstakes and contests for status members. They will also receive exclusive coupons for Gold Status members only.

Platinum Status:

Parent Advisors™ who reach Platinum Status will become part of our exclusive New Parent Advisory Board™. Members of this board will receive perks such as free products and samples, in addition to being called upon by manufacturers to provide valuable product feedback. New members to the advisory board will also receive a “Welcome Gift,” such as a gift card, stroller, breast pump, car seat, and more.

We may add new levels and adjust these criteria at any time. Submitted reviews are subject to approval by The Parent Advisor staff. If a review is not accepted, it will not count towards your status level. If a reviewer is suspected of submitting false reviews, they will be denied membership and will lose all existing privileges and statuses.