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Arm’s Reach Mini Classic Co-Sleeper Bassinet - Toffee

Arm’s Reach Mini Classic Co-Sleeper Bassinet - Toffee

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With wheels on one end for easier mobility, the Mini Classic Co-Sleeper® in toffee from Arm’s Reach Concepts® is a cozy sleeping nest that’s same height as an adult bed, offering ease of nighttime nursing and comfort. Since the baby is linked securely to a 22” to 24” adult bed, the recovery from C-sections is easier. Measuring 20” x 34” x 31”, the new size fits in smaller bedrooms. It has one large storage space underneath the mattress that is completely enclosed with a zipper opening and four side pockets for convenient quick storage. The Mini Co-Sleeper® features a ventilated floor to avoid heat build-up and comes with a fitted 100% fitted sheet. The bassinet and handle carry case weigh 24 pounds, making it very portable. Along with everything the regular mini has, the Mini Classic also: Includes a tailored lining with elegant trim details, quilted handrail covers and four roomy quilted pockets.

Item #: 983680
SKU: 77B04024
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 648357441611
Manufacturer #: 4161-TT2

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54321 Reviewed April 29, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

After my first baby was born, I realized that having her sleep in a pack 'n play next to the bed just wasn't going to work...she wasn't a c-section, but with a lot of stitches, it was still too uncomfortable to have to sit all the way up and lift her out to nurse her. We were too nervous to have her in the bed with us, so we decided to buy this co-sleeper, and it has been worth every penny (our second was delivered via c-section, and that just made us even happier that we already owned this!). It is SO easy to get a baby in and out of while lying down, and I never felt like the sheets and blankets on my bed would pose a hazard for my babies while they slept in this. The size is great because it fits nicely next to my bed, and I didn't have a problem getting in and out around it. It is a little too narrow for a baby to roll over in comfortably, but that was never a big issue. It is somewhat difficult to set up and break down, but since we used it for so long for each child, that didn't really matter to us (we used our pack 'n play for travel). My children both slept in it until they were 6 months old, and it was plenty sturdy enough to hold them (and could have for a lot longer- the weight limit as a bassinet is much more than for a pack 'n play bassinet setting). Bottom line: this product is WONDERFUL for nursing mothers, especially those who have a lot of discomfort after the baby is born.

54321 Reviewed April 10, 2012 by goheerow Gold Member

I love this co-sleeper. It's perfect! It's small enough to be portable and it can be easily wheeled from one room to another. The padding is soft but not too soft to have any fear of suffocation. The sides are meshed which allow for constant airflow and for easy visualization. The storage underneath is very large. I put extra blankets, bedding, and even a diaper caddy in there. It breaks down really easily but definitely feels sturdy when propped up. The only negative is that I wish my baby could have stayed in it longer. Once he start turning (around 4 months), it just wasn't big enough for him.

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by minnesotamary Gold Member

This co-sleeper is easy to set up and secure and doesn't take up too much room. I liked that I could bring the baby in bed with me, nurse, and put them back. Even if I wouldn't put them back in the co-sleeper it was nice to have that protection on the side of the bed should they roll that way.

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by Sflash44

Loved having this by my bed when the baby was little. It was important to keep the baby at arms reach since his room was far away.

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