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Avent Freeflow Pacifiers

Avent Freeflow Pacifiers

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The Philips AVENT Freeflow pacifiers have a curved shield with extra vents to promote air circulation. Philips AVENT pacifiers have odorless, tasteless silicone nipples. The nipple is symmetrical, so right side up or upside down, AVENT pacifiers help ensure the proper development of your baby’s teeth and gums. Philips AVENT pacifiers are BPA-Free. Colors and styles vary. Style selected at random when shipped.

Item #: 207880
SKU: B8A34D11
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 075020006554
Manufacturer #: SCF180/23

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54321 Reviewed August 7, 2012 by kstuppi Gold Member

These are our favorite out of the twenty different kinds we have! I really love the plastic protective cap they come with. Simple and pretty designs.

54321 Reviewed May 3, 2012 by rofomama Gold Member

The hospital sent us home with the regular, green gummy pacis and we used them for about the first week until I tried one of these with him. At first, it looked huge on his face, it totally consumed his little peanut head but he loved it! Barely spit it out unlike the hospital pacis. Eventually, we grew quite a little stash because they are for the most part clear, and must grow magic legs and walk away places as I could never seem to find one when I needed it. As my son approached 6 months we tried to change him over to the "older" version of these (I think its the 6-18month as opposed to the 0-6 month like these are) and he ended up not liking that style as much as this one. The shape makes it nice because there is no "up" or "down" so when he figured out how to take his paci out and pop it back in, I never worried that he was ruining his bite like so many anti-paci folks warned me about!

54321 Reviewed April 21, 2012 by neensb

I love these pacifiers. My son loved these and wouldn't use any of the others. We had to carry one with us all the time (or more than one). These are great!

43211 Reviewed April 17, 2012 by mandamoo

We've tried a few different brands of pacifiers. I wasn't sure that my son would like these because they don't curve around the mouth, but I wanted one that had a "handle" on it so I could attach a certain pacifier clip. This is one of the only brands that I liked the look of that had a "handle". I personally like the simple, not too noticeable colors and design. My son uses this one about as much as the other brand we have that curves around his mouth, and doesn't seem to mind that aspect of it. So I think it's a good pacifier and love that they made the colors and design simple.

54321 Reviewed April 15, 2012 by minnesotamary Gold Member

I like that these can be used either way since most of the time my daughter pops these back in to her mouth. They aren't flashy by any means but they come in some cute colors. I've liked everything else in the Avent brand too, so these have held up to my expectations.

43211 Reviewed April 13, 2012 by JenBenLola Platinum Member

I got all kind of different pacifiers and my son always spit them back out so one day while shopping these were on sale. They had a flat boring nipple so I'd figured it'd be a waste but boy was I wrong. He loved them. I too, learned to love them. They don't really look cute as they are flat and don't curve to his face BUT they can be used either way. When he started learning to put the pacifier in his mouth, he'd always put the other ones in upside down but these don't have a direction. They don't come in too many fun designs. We ended up throwing away all the other pacifiers because he loved these so much. For the next baby, these will be the first pacifiers we try. Don't ignore them as they aren't fun designs and the nipple doesn't look like anything special because if your baby is like my son, they will love them! :)

54321 Reviewed April 10, 2012 by KristinK

Only pacifier my daughter would use. We tried the soothies and she would always spit those out because of the shape. These are cute and she loves them. I like that they come with a little protector cap as well. I also like the fact that there is no up or down, you can turn them any way and it's right side up.

54321 Reviewed April 10, 2012 by chulitamami

My son enjoyed this bobo. He used it until he threw it away at 6 months when his teeth started coming in. Perfect for breastfed babies who transition to a bottle or cup. Great for teething babies as well.

43211 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by bngrv

She HATED these until around 4 months when she started getting her hands to do what she wanted them to do and realized that no matter how she put them in it is always the right way! They also come with a cap you can put on them when not in use

43211 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by ChristieL6

We got these when my daughter was born. I found that she would not take this brand as the tip of the pacifier was quite large for her little mouth--even with the 0-6 month size. Once my daughter was 3 months old, she started to use these. She really likes them now and we use them most at bedtime. I have found that the tip just seems to be a little larger than other brands we have purchased.

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by svgreen Silver Member

My child likes these much better than the "orthodontic" ones, and I like them because there is no wrong way up, and the molding fits around his nose and mouth. Unfortunately, the sizes for older babies sometimes have a "right way up" and the moulding is not as comfortable.

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by mojo09 Silver Member

My daughter used these pacifiers pretty much from day one. She loved them. I like the way they are shaped because it can go in her mouth either way and I still felt like she had plenty of room to breathe out of her nose. These seemed to be the easiest pacifiers for her to hold onto and actually keep in her mouth.

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