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Chicco KeyFit & KeyFit 30 Child Restraint Base

Chicco KeyFit & KeyFit 30 Child Restraint Base

7 reviews

The Chicco KeyFit & KeyFit 30 Child Restraint Base promotes safety and easy installation.  Features such as the bubble levels on each side of the base ensure a proper fit inside your vehicle.  The one-pull LATCH tightening adjustment also assures that your child will be safely secured while riding in the car.

Accepts the KeyFit Infant Car Seat and the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

Child Weight Min:1 lbs
Child Weight Max: 50 lbs

Item #: 103984
SKU: D4B2F643
Manufacturer #: 0607902

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54321 Reviewed July 31, 2012 by drmom Silver Member

At first we thought we'd need 2 of these for our different vehicles, but this base is SO easy to install, we didn't need the additional base! It literally takes less than 30 seconds to install in each car. Very simple and I know my baby is safe while we're driving. No worries for this momma!

54321 Reviewed May 16, 2012 by beauti4me Gold Member

A must have if you have two vehicles - it makes changing cars a snap and you can feel good that the baby is safe with the click of the base. I've tried just using the seat belt to strap in the carseat and this is so much quicker and easier, no reaching to buckle and you know it's secure without tightening the belt across baby's legs! We now have this base in both our cars and my mothers for easy transport. I also like the level feature so you know it is situated correctly.

54321 Reviewed May 16, 2012 by Mami143 Silver Member

we received 2 with the purchase of the travel system and even though it's really easy to install it's nice to have one in each car and not have to re-install it each time we get in the car. Definately worth having more than 1 if you have multiple cars.

54321 Reviewed April 11, 2012 by Erica

We have 3 of these bases! We have one for each car plus an extra for a day out w the grandparents. It is so easy to install (takes maybe 60 seconds!) & feels very secure. Very happy with this purchase.

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by ChristieL6

We have this base installed into my husband's car so we do not have to transfer the main base every time we decide to take his car. It has a great level on it so I know it has been installed properly. We have no worries about this base as it is the same as the one that comes with it. We are very happy with the purchase.

54321 Reviewed April 8, 2012 by rofomama Gold Member

We had the Chicco system and bought an extra base for the 2nd car. We loved the ease of this system and it really is fool proof to install!

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by Lisaruggie Silver Member

We used the Chicco travel system which came with one base. Since my husband
shares the pick up and drop off duties, it is so much easier to have another base installed in his car. To take out a base and move it from car to car is more hassle than its worth. With a base in each car, either parent can easily click in the car seat and go with no hassle.

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