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Desitin 4 oz. Creamy Ointment

Desitin 4 oz. Creamy Ointment

35 reviews

Heal diaper rash fast! Desitin Creamy Diaper Rash Ointment promotes healing, relieves chafing and protects baby’s super sensitive skin. Featured here in a convenient 4-ounce tube, this hypoallergenic, creamy zinc oxide formula is ultra smooth to treat, protect and provide everyday first aid for minor burns, cuts, scrapes and sunburn too! Fresh scent smells good too!

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UPC/EAN/ISBN: 074300034331
Manufacturer #: 00301

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54321 Reviewed August 21, 2012 by eowyn78

My son just had a horrible diaper rash. Using Desitin took a few days, but it did clear it up. My husband was ready to take our son to the pediatrician it looked so bad. We had used Boudereaux's but it wasn't working (and it smelled TERRIBLE!!). I don't think Desitin smells bad at all.

54321 Reviewed August 7, 2012 by kstuppi Gold Member

Works great. Just a small amount works wonders. Only had to use a time or too to see great results

54321 Reviewed May 24, 2012 by lcollier51

I use desitin whenever my daughter gets diaper rash. It has worked everytime. I like to put it on her before bedtime to prevent diaper rash from forming. When I put it on I usually put it on thick and it has never bothered her.

32121 Reviewed May 20, 2012 by Suds

This diaper cream is ok. I didn't find it was terribly better than other options, but I can tell you don't use it with cloth diapers or they will smell like dead fish!!! If you find this after you have used it with cloth diapers wash them a few times with dawn dish soap.

43211 Reviewed May 18, 2012 by Queenphilly Gold Member

I rarely have to use diaper cream since I cloth diaper but Desitin does work but takes a few days to clear up diaper rash. I like how thick it is and the great low price compared to other brands.

54321 Reviewed April 27, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

I cloth diaper during the day, but usually use disposables at night. My kids get diaper rash if I don't use a cream to protect their skin, and this is my go-to protectant. They never wake up with rashes, and the price is great.

21321 Reviewed April 21, 2012 by neensb

We used triple paste for my son and we loved it! Desitin was not as thick so didn't seem to help his diaper rash as much as triple paste. Also, I hate the smell of Desitin!

43211 Reviewed April 20, 2012 by goheerow Gold Member

Desitin seems to be a staple in all diaper bags. It's a good diaper cream for minor rashes but for deep ulcer types, it didn't help much. I tried it for 4 days on my son's sore bottom and it didn't help it at all. I tried other brands, Boudreaux, triple paste, and Method diaper cream. Nothing seemed to help. Then I tried lansinoh diaper rash ointment and it went away after 2 days.

54321 Reviewed April 15, 2012 by Mommy2lilli

My baby only had diaper rash a few times, but when she did I used either this or the butt paste. Honestly I think they work equally as well. They're both thick, creamy and stay on until you wipe it off. Very good diaper rash cream

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by lschroeder

This cream is very thick and stays in place. I have been using it at night only since my daughter was born (she is now 5 months) and she has not had even the slightest bit of a rash yet. The cream does not have a very strong odor.

32121 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by mojo09 Silver Member

I like the fact that this product is pretty thick and stays on pretty well and I like the original soft baby powder like scent. It does a great job of protecting against diaper rash, however I have also found that the once or twice my daughte has gotten a diaper rash this seemed to make it hurt worse and took longer to heal than the butt past I use. It really depends on your baby and their skin type though. I would definitely be willing to give this stuff another try on my future babies.

43211 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by JenBenLola Platinum Member

This creme was good for everyday but i found that if it was an ongoing diaper rash or a severe case, other cremes worked best. One thing I did how ever like about Desitin is it's thicker so you can put it on and it'll stay on. Other cremes, it's hard to get a thicker coat on. It's good for putting a little bit on here and there but if it's a bad case, find another brand. I had lots of luck with the Baby Anti-Monkey Butt with Calamine in it.

43211 Reviewed April 7, 2012 by mirasmom

It is the worst when you little baby has a diaper rash. You feel so bad for them and want it to go away as soon as possible. I have used Desitin the most for diaper rashes as I received a lot in baby showers. I think it is good but it does not do the job as quickly as I would like it to. The Desitin in the purple package is the best Desitin. I have come across much worse rash creams and some better ones so it is right there in the middle. Good but not the best.

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by Mama llama

great for babies, works well as an everyday cream. Good price. I would suggest their extra strength variety for bad cases. Cream is very smooth and easy to apply. Stays in place well. Cream is a bit sticky so it may not work well for older active kids who move around a lot.

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by minnesotamary Gold Member

We've gone through a lot of diaper creams with my son's extremely sensitive skin. This has always helped soothe a sore backside after developing diaper rash.

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by crae773

Desitin is the BEST baby ointment around.. I have not even bothered trying another brand..

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by silvermoonbells

I like Desitin. It always healed my son's diaper rashes in a couple of days. You could see it start to get better overnight. It is very messy though and is hard to clean off your hands. It doesn't help with my daughter's diaper rashes though.

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by Yokakayaka

when it comes to diaper rash, Desitin works wonders! No other product comes close to this. I have gotten rid of diaper rash within a day of using Desitin everytime. I wouldn't give this up ever.

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by rofomama Gold Member

We are faithful Desitin users in this house. After a scary diaper rash situation at 2 weeks old, Desitin was the only thing that cured my son's red, blistered hiney. I know it doesn't sting because I used it myself after birth on my hemorrhoids (great tip from my gyno, by the way!!) We use it every diaper change and in his first year, only had that issue with diaper rash at 2 weeks. We love it!

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by Andreamac

A must have for baby's frequent poopies. Healed my son's bottom within a day of use. So great. No smell

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by freesamplequeen Gold Member

With two children under 2 in our home, this product is a necessity. We have several tubes for the nursery, diaper bags, etc. While we are fortunate to have not experienced many rashes, the times we have, we have been grateful for this product. It goes on smooth and protects, providing relief and some healing with the first application. It does not have an overhwelming smell and seems to work fairly quickly.

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by shell15 Platinum Member

This rash cream worked on my daughter's severe diaper rash and cleared it up usually in about a day. It has a nice scent also.

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by la_yiss

Love Desitin!!! gets ride of the rash after the very first application!. Just remember to put a good amount of it and the rash will go heal in a couple of days.

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by rosannab2010

I really like this cream it creates a barrier and helps with a rash. Easy to open easy to use and just a great all round bum crewm

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by Queenphilly Gold Member

Desitin cleared up any diaper rash in a few days and never caused any issue with my daughters sensitive skin.

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by ChristieL6

I use the Desitin Maximum Strength on my daughter. I find that it works pretty fast. Sometimes when it seems like it is getting better, I also add a little baby powder and that finishes the healing process. It is a good product and we have seen quick results in using this.

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by MamaBear Platinum Member

We like Desitin. We had been using Butt Paste, and then Aquaphor for quite some time, but at one point, baby's rash got really severe, so we sought something a little stronger. This, as well as Desitin Maximum Strength have both done the trick. We still use Aquaphor regularly, but break out the Desitin when the situation becomes a little more aggravated.

32121 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by dyermaker Silver Member

Desitin was what my mom used on me. It did the job. I have used it as a good prevention cream. It isn't my total cure all for those moments when either of my sons have had those "antibiotic poop" diapers. You know, you put them on antibiotics to get rid of an ear infection or something and they have runny poop for a week straight.... I have another cream I use for those times... you live and learn. Desitin is my daily use cream when I am trying to prevent a breakout, but If it is more than just a little bit of redness, I whip out my Corona Cream.

32121 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by Lisaruggie Silver Member

I know many moms swear by Desitine, my own mother included, but this just did not work for my son. It seemed to make his rash worse. The best I have found is Aquiphor. It soothes and heals. If my son does get a rash, this usually helps it clear up in a day. Desitin just doesn't perform as well, at least not for my son.

43211 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by katrinakrevy

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by [email protected]

It's the perfect size tube for sending to daycare for my babies and keeping in my diaper bag.

43211 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by janalpierce Gold Member

This is not my favorite diaper rash cream out there but it is a good second (behind A&D original). I found that if my child's rash was very bad, this cream only made it hurt worse in the short term. It does do the job and helps to create a barrier and allow for healing, I found though that it never worked as well, or was a soothing as the original A&D

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by mamabear0711 Gold Member

Desitin makes the best diaper rash cream. It always gets rid of the rash after the first application. It goes on nicely, covers the rash, smells nice, and works quickly. A mom can't ask for more than that!

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by Sflash44

This is a great product and it has been around for many many years. I have used it over and over again with my child.

43211 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by Alucsmama

If you're a first time mommy, such as myself, you don't really know what's bets out there, or better yet, what's best for YOUR baby. This specific type of diapering ointment, all in all, is a very good and trusting brand/type. When my newborn baby boy got a diaper rash(last week), i used this brand, and within a few days his rash had disappeared, and let me say his rash was SEVERE(thanks to scented generic wipes). Just one bit of advice I feel obligated to give, when using it, baste your baby's behind in it. No need to be delicate and only put a dime-sized amount on your baby for this reason. Seriously though, put a thick layer on so that way it doesn't dry up, flake way, or mix in too much with his or her "messys". And it's not just my word on that advice, it's also my son's pediatrician's word. I give this product a 4 out of 5. I would have given a 5 if it took less time for the rash to heal, I couldn't stand how my son would scream in pain every time I'd change his diaper. It was saddening. Thank you very much for reading this review, hope it helps on any deciding factors you might have when buying ointment.

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