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ERGObaby Carrier

ERGObaby Carrier

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The ERGObaby carrier in camel allows you to carry your baby continuously without strain on the hips or spine. It easily transfers from front to hip to back position, comfortably fitting your waist with its SGS-tested, high-quality belts.  Built with adjustable straps, this all-in-one carrier will also assist you through your baby’s growth process.  The ERGO baby carrier provide a stress-free, hands-free experience; providing a safe and secure assurance for you and your precious cargo.

Child Weight Limits:
12 to 45 lbs
Children 7 to 12 lbs must use the ERGObaby Infant Insert.

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43211 Reviewed June 28, 2012 by MVPotler Silver Member

I got a used Ergo when my son turned 6 months (28" & 20lbs), because not every mom or baby loves their Ergo and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. However, I love mine and I take it everywhere. My husband uses a different, front-facing carrier because the Ergo just doesn't fit his 6'2" frame well. When I carry my son around, I like to use my Ergo as a side/hip carrier. I'm 5'2" and I have a large chest, but even with the front-hold, my 7 month old son fits easily without getting "smushed". I look forward to using the back-hold with the Ergo when my son is older. I would not have used this carrier when he was smaller, because it is a big carrier and I did enjoy letting my son face out once he could hold his head up.

32121 Reviewed May 4, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

After hearing lots of rave reviews, I was really excited to try this carrier. I get that it holds babies in an ergonomic position that is good for their backs and hips, and it is also very comfortable for the wearer. But when worn front-carrying, baby is smooshed into your chest and the straps are close to their face, leaving them unable to look around- my daughter never grew to like it, even after multiple attempts at getting her used to it, and as a large-breasted woman, I always felt like she was going to smother. I do occasionally like to use it as a back carrier though, which is why I kept it- but try as I might, I can't seem to get her into it without help in the back-carry position. Overall, I could take this carrier or leave it, since I need to have another carrier for front-carrying anyway.

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