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Fisher-Price Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Jumperoo

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The Fisher-Price Jumperoo in Rainforest is designed for both fun and safety, featuring spring covers, and jumping-activated music and lights.  The 3-position height adjustment custom fits your child, while the spinning seat allows him or her to explore the toys that surround them. 

Use for a child that cannot climb out and does not require assistance when holding their head up.
Child Weight Max: 25 lbs
Batteries: 3 AA batteries are required (not included)

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43211 Reviewed May 10, 2012 by minnesotamary Gold Member

My kids LOVED this. Lots to look at and the adjustable levels for their height are good too. The biggest drawback to this is its size. It's enormous. It also doesn't fold down. Storing it or moving it are a big pain. Other than that though, it's awesome.

54321 Reviewed May 3, 2012 by rofomama Gold Member

We have this jumparoo and I just put it away as he's approaching 11 months, so I'd say we got a lot of use out of it. I started using it with him at about 4 months and would not let him stay in it for more than about 20 minutes at a time - however, if I wasn't worried about this delaying his walking (which, fyi, it didn't. He just about walks now) he would have stayed in it for much longer. It offers just the right amount of activities without completely overwhelming the child. There are 2 music settings you can use, one that plays music constantly (what we used in the beginning when he didn't quite jump as much) and the other setting that goes off once the baby jumps. I have a taller boy and I found the 3 height levels to be perfect, although he's a string bean so if you have a shorter, chunkier child, I could see you just staying on the 1 position the entire time. Another thing I liked is that we put the 3 AA batteries in when we got it and never had to change them, which was a great plus!

54321 Reviewed May 1, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

Fisher price makes excellent jumpers. They are strong and hold up really well over time. All of the toys on this jumper make it endlessly fun for babies even if they aren't into bouncing, and the three height settings are great because this jumper grows with them.

43211 Reviewed April 26, 2012 by janalpierce Gold Member

We purchased this bounger after our first fisher price bouncer broke. We liked this one because there were plenty of toys for the baby to play with and it was easy to get the baby in and out, with multiple levels. I didn't like however how hard it was to break down. The circular base (as opposed to the two leg base of some) makes it hard to store off to the side but the babies love it, so you can't go wrong ;)

32121 Reviewed April 21, 2012 by neensb

This seemed like a really neat product and it was safe and looked fun, but I could never get my son very interested in it. He would never last more than a couple minutes in it, and was freaked out by the jumping.

54321 Reviewed April 20, 2012 by goheerow Gold Member

Purchased 2 of these for our place and grandparents place and we love it. We still use it on occasion when our little one is tired of crawling around. 2 volume levels are sufficient options and the ability to switch from constant music to motion sensor is great. He tries to grab the hanging toys above his head so there's always something for him to do. A little heavy, but very sturdy and durable.

54321 Reviewed April 18, 2012 by mamabear0711 Gold Member

My son loved this jumper from when he was very little. There are fun toys and sounds coming from everywhere and the jumper seemed very secure. It does take up a bit of space and is a little hard to shove through doors but worth the money for sure.

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