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Gerber Good Start Gentle Ready to Feed

Gerber Good Start Gentle Ready to Feed

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Gerber Good Start Gentle Ready to Feed formula is made from 100% whey proteins that break down and are easily digested.  The Comfort Proteins help avoid fussiness and spit-ups that are due to gas. NutriProtect supports healthy growth through antioxidants, and vitamin A for natural immune system support.

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54321 Reviewed June 21, 2012 by smgebhard Silver Member

These ready to feed bottles are amazing!! We used them alot the first few months. I like that you can get them a variety of sizes. I like that they are glass so it is so easy to recycle them or reuse/repurpose them. And every nipple we tried fit just fine. It was so much easier to take these with when I was running errands. I never had to look for water to worry about what was in the water when we were out because I would just grab one of these and shake it up. Put a nipple on it and feed the baby. When i was super tired I would use these for late night feedings too. Super easy to wake up, shake it and feed baby. And they were great if we had someone watching her that was unsure of making formula. I knew her bottle would be the same as if I made it even if I wasn't there with these. The only downfall is that the ready made does stain. So make sure you have a cloth under the babies chin or wash the clothes if any formula gets on them. We lost a few cute outfits due to this.

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