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Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand

Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand

16 reviews

The BellaBand works throughout your entire pregnancy. Its seamless knit band fits around the waistline, over unbuttoned jeans, or over skirts and shorts to hold them up and hide the unfastened closures. Adjustable; wear full-length or fold for extra hold. Available in four sizes and 13 colors.

Item #: 811079
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 879566000058
Manufacturer #: 1111022

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54321 Reviewed August 21, 2012 by eowyn78

I don't know how I would have continued teaching without this! I used it with my trousers and skirts when they became too tight so I didn't have to buy maternity clothing right away. The band didn't ride up...or down. It washed well and wasn't noticeable. Great item!

54321 Reviewed June 6, 2012 by beauti4me Gold Member

I received this as a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law and it was super comfortable. I was already in maternity jeans when I received it and wore it anyway. I think it helped to support my belly a little bit, taking some of the pressure off my lower back. Would highly recommend and will be sure to pass along to my newly pregnant cousin!

43211 Reviewed April 21, 2012 by neensb

This helped me stretch out my too-tight clothes for longer so I didn't have to buy as many maternity clothes. It can sometimes be uncomfortable (hot!) and you have to make sure it will work with your outfit in case it is seen, but it's a great tool for buying fewer clothes!

54321 Reviewed April 17, 2012 by kstuppi Gold Member

Of all the items I have bought while pregnant this is the best money spent!

I have been able to wear a lot of my pre pregnancy clothes thanks to the band.

They have a very clean seamless look under shirts so you don't get weird lines through your shirt.
They do a great job staying put as well - many maternity jeans bunch or roll up sand I never have that issue with these.

Definitely a must for all expecting mothers!

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by kgrow

I got this to help hold up my pants during my pregnancy, and still use them over a year later to lengthen shirts. It is a fashion must have.

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by 1pickyMama

This worked perfect for me while I was pregnant with my son. I didn't need maternity pants until late in my pregnancy so this helped me stay in my regular jeans longer. Plus I could wear non maternity tops and the bellaband would cover my lower back and belly if they were to short. I am definitely hanging on to these for my next pregnancy :)

43211 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by JenBenLola Platinum Member

These were alright. They were stretchy enough so they worked during early pregnancy as well as when I was 9 months pregnant. The only issue I had is they sometimes rolled up and that got annoying when out and about. They did great for early pregnancy so I could leave my pants unbuttoned and these would help hold them up. They were also nice when my belly grew and shirts just weren't long enough, these would work. Mine were handed down too and they were still in great condition!

54321 Reviewed April 7, 2012 by cpineapple2

I love the bella band. I have recommended it to all of my pregnant friends. I only bought two pairs of lounge maternity pants. I stayed in my jeans and dress pants thru both of my pregnancies with the help of my bellaband! This is the best piece of maternity wear ever!

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by rofomama Gold Member

I wore this band right as I started to show (around 3 months, lets be honest, I wanted to take FULL advantage of letting my tummy hang out and this was so comfy!) In the early stages, it was a little big so I did the hair-tie around the button of my jeans trick along with wearing the band. The band added length to shirts when I needed it and kept my pants in the right place. Love!

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by freesamplequeen Gold Member

I loved having this band for early pregnancy and post delivery as it helped keep pants up that were a bit too tight or getting too loose. It did bother me some as it tended to slip up off the back at times and I had to keep tugging it down. Otherwise it was comfortable to wear, not hot or itchy. A nice addition to maternity clothes in my wardrobe

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by Yokakayaka

I am glad i got one of these. It worked to hid my unbuttoned pants to giving me support with my huge belly. I made good use of it after the baby until I fit back into my pants and to hide the flab.

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by oscar1383

The best accessory I could have! I used them through both of my pregnancies. It made the many clothing transitions more comfortable and helped my clothing look more tailored.

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by kaylirae17

I used this throughout both my pregnancies, And was able to wear my pre-pregnancy pants up until I delivered. BellaBand eliminated the need to buy expensive maternity pants. EXTREMELY COMFORT! I still wear my band and my youngest is turning a year old. So easy to slip on, soft and stretchy. Worth every penny.

43211 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by MamaBear Platinum Member

This little beauty saved my wardrobe! It is a great transition piece for when the belly starts growing, yet you are too small for maternity clothes. It was just as good after baby, while working on recovering my pre-baby figure. My only issue was that depending on my size at the time, sometimes it would roll mid-day and I would have to fix it a couple of times a day. However, even with this, it was still well worth the money for all of the wardrobe savings it provided!

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by katrinakrevy

This was great throughout my pregnancy and after. When my pants first started to not fit, I didn't have to buy a bunch of maternity pants because this covered the open button. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I didn't have to worry about my belly showing because my shirts were too short. After pregnancy, it is a great tool to help you feel like your old self.

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by janalpierce Gold Member

AWESOME is all that needs to be said about this! I used it through two pregnancies and it was so great! I loved that it made my pants more comfy no matter if they were a bit too big or too small depending on the week....it also gave a great layered effect.

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