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Jeep Wrangler All-Weather Lightweight Stroller

Jeep Wrangler All-Weather Lightweight Stroller

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The Jeep Wrangler All-Weather Lightweight Stroller features a 3-point safety harness, a parent cup holder, and two cargo bags for easy storage.  The cool-climate roll-up contains mesh for breathable circulation and creates a convenient head rest as well.

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54321 Reviewed August 20, 2012 by kstuppi Gold Member

We recently took a vacation that included flying and were not keen on taking our expensive stroller since you can not always trust the baggage handlers. So we decided to get a less expensive and light weight stroller fro the trip. This stroller was perfect! My absolute favorite part is the mesh back. My daughter gets hot easily and she often is al sweaty when you take her out of her seat. But she stayed nice and cool with this one! It has a nice parent cup holder and a decent amount of storage space on the bottom.

43211 Reviewed April 27, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

I love this stroller. It has held up really well through two kids, and is very sturdy for a lightweight stroller. The best part is the height of the handles- I don't have to hunch over to push this stroller, as I find I usually do with other umbrella strollers. There is no storage basket, but there is an organizer that attaches to the handles that is available for separate purchase, and it does come with a cup holder and a little storage pouch. The sun shade is a bit of a pain because it doesn't really fold up with the stroller, but removing and reattaching it is easy enough. I love that the back can roll down for a little added warmth, or roll up to reveal a breathable mesh seat back when it's hot. Definitely a great stroller.

21321 Reviewed April 18, 2012 by mamabear0711 Gold Member

This stroller has a nice build and design but the makers forgot the storage basket underneath. There is no room for a diaper bag, cups, blankets, jackets, etc etc etc in a small little pouch on the side of the stroller.

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