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JJ Cole Original Bundle Me

JJ Cole Original Bundle Me

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The Original JJ Cole Bundle Me has a patented design with removable top. This feature allows parents to easily regulate baby’s temperature. The bottom piece can be left in the car seat providing a soft and cozy cover. Accommodates car seats, strollers, joggers, bike trailers, etc. In line with JJ Cole’s commitment to child safety, the Original Bundle Me has been tested to FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 213 requirements. Tests performed on infant car seats with the JJ Cole Original Bundle Me installed found that the car seats complied with the Restraint System Integrity and Occupant Excursion portions of the FMVSS 213 requirements.

Item #: 191305
SKU: 2CF20806
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 614002000083
Manufacturer #: BMOG

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54321 Reviewed May 3, 2012 by smgebhard Silver Member

Our first winter with our daughter was brutal. We had several instances of 20 plus inches of snow and dozens of days below zero. I found this product while shopping and thought it was sorta gimmicky but thought I'd try it. Well the first time I used it I bundled my daughter up in a onsie, pants, sweetshirt, snowsuit and this PLUS a blanket over her and off we went to grandma's house (about 45 minutes away). Well by the time we got there my poor 6 month old was a mess. She was so hot! Her clothes were drenched. I was impressed how warm the bundle had kept her. So on the way home I only put on her clothes and then in the car seat. She still seemed a tad hot. But I rather have her a little warm than freezing on the car ride. I also bought this in the toddler size for this past winter and never had to use it. Our winter was super mild. But I highly suggest these for anyone who lives in a cold climate or where inclimate weather could hit while traveling with baby. It keep my infant toasty warm all winter! I never worried about getting stuck on the road during the winter because I knew she would be warm enough.

43211 Reviewed April 27, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

If you are planning to use a portable car seat in a cold climate, the Bundle Me is fantastic. No bundling baby into a bulky snow suit! The Bundle Me stays attached to the car seat, so it's as simple as opening and closing the zipper to keep baby warm. However, the top cover folds over, and since there's no way of keeping it secure, it can end up covering a baby's face. This becomes even more of a problem with babies who are old enough to pull at it. Bottom line: a great baby product that will save you lots of time and hassle, but make sure to keep an eye out for the flap covering baby's face.

43211 Reviewed April 11, 2012 by freesamplequeen Gold Member

I like this product for it's ease of use compared to other car seat covers for winter. It is more like a sleeping bag and can be used just with the bottom liner to warm the seat, or with the top to cover baby as well. Room for adjustment and safe to use with infant seats, I love having this in the winter. The bonus is that it can also be used in strollers (if you are the brave type to head out in the cold with a little one in a stroller)!

54321 Reviewed April 10, 2012 by Mikarhine Silver Member

I live in northern North Dakota and cold doesn't begin to describe what the weather is like here. I had a similar product before but as my baby got bigger it became more inconvenient taking her out and putting her back in because it had a hole that zipped up a slit in the front. I received this product as a baby shower gift for my son who will soon be arriving and this one is so much better. It completely covers the baby and no matter how big baby gets I'll be able to take him out and out him in without having to take the bundle me completely off of the carseat like the other product I previously mentioned. So happy someone had this idea!

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