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Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash

Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash

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Gentle enough for newborns, Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash is an ultra mild cleanser that can be used on baby’s body and hair.  It is 100% soap-free, dye-free, and is hypoallergenic.  This pH-balanced cleanser features the No More Tears formula and comes dermatologist and allergy-tested.

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54321 Reviewed August 12, 2012 by momslittledreams

I use this all the time. I like that I can just rub it all over - hair included - for a quick and easy bath with no skin reactions. I use it to make bubbles in the bath, too. The light scent has that "fresh baby" smell that I love and want to snuggle next to after I have them wrapped in towels. I've even used it for my own (extremely sensitive) skin when I'm having breakouts of eczema and can't handle traditional scented soaps.

54321 Reviewed July 31, 2012 by drmom Silver Member

I was surprised at just how effective this soap is! My daughter has cradle cap, and during her last bath my husband and I used baby oil on her hair to try to help. After vigorously washing her hair with another product twice, her hair was still greasy. The next day we used J&J and it completely stripped the oil and made her hair clean and soft again.

54321 Reviewed July 17, 2012 by freesamplequeen Gold Member

We've been using this product for almost 2.5 years now, with our babies and toddler, and I love it. We have never had tears over soap I eyes, and it does happen on occasion. This soap is great for all over washing, is gentle and does not dry skin or get oily. Suds make fun bubbles for the kids, but not too many to be a problem. We live the gentle, soft smell and the way it gets the kids clean without having to scrub hard. Gets hair clean just as well as feet and bellies. Won't go ipwithout it!

54321 Reviewed July 4, 2012 by mojo09 Silver Member

I use this on my daughter everytime she needs a morning or mid-day bath. I love the fact that it has a soft, gentle scent and it reall is tear free! If I accidentally get some in my daughters eyes it doesn't bother her in the least.

43211 Reviewed April 21, 2012 by neensb

This is good soap. We use it every day with my son to get him clean.

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