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Johnson’s Bedtime Bath

Johnson’s Bedtime Bath

7 reviews

Johnson’s Bedtime Bath is allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested, and will relax your little one before bedtime.  Its No More Tears formula will be as gentle as water on your baby’s eyes.

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54321 Reviewed August 7, 2012 by kstuppi Gold Member

I love using this for those nighttime baths! It has such a wonderful smell and really does help calm my daughter down for bed.

43211 Reviewed July 30, 2012 by drmom Silver Member

I just love how this leaves my baby smelling...so sweet! I do think it has a calming effect...she just loves her baths! She can be crying, but as soon as we put her in the bathtub she will calm down. The only downside I've found is I don't her hair gets as clean as it does with other products.

54321 Reviewed July 4, 2012 by mojo09 Silver Member

I can't say for sure if this product really makes my daughter sleep better or not as she is an amazing sleeper no matter what we do, but I can say this product smells amazing and since day 1 I have been using this product to bathe my baby before bedtime. 15 months later this is still my favorite smelling bath time product!

54321 Reviewed May 16, 2012 by Mami143 Silver Member

Recieved this along with the shampoo and lotion as a baby shower gift and it's great! It smells sooo good and I think it really helps relax my son.

43211 Reviewed May 8, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

I received this wash as a baby shower gift. This is not the everyday bath wash I use for my kids, but I do use this in addition to the Johnson's Bedtime Lotion every now and then when they need a little extra help calming down at the end of the day-- and boy, does it smell heavenly. Definitely seems to help them wind down and drift off.

54321 Reviewed May 4, 2012 by JenBenLola Platinum Member

This bath soap is great! I love the smell during the bath and even after I can still smell faint lavender! It easily rinses off his body and out of his hair. Not sure if it helps him sleep at night as he's always been a good sleeper but if we are bathing prior to bed time, we use this! Great product!

54321 Reviewed May 1, 2012 by smgebhard Silver Member

I LOVE this line of bath products from Johnson and Johnson. My daughter had a tough time sleeping for long periods of time (more than 2 hours at a stretch). But I started to use the Johnson and Johnson bedtime bath line and it helped a ton. The lavender is such a pleasant smell. And it cleaned her very nicely. I paired this with the lavender baby shampoo and the Johnson and Johnson Bedtime lotion. I made this part of our night time routine. By the end of the bath and putting the lotion on her body she was just so relaxed and so was I! I would feed her the bottle and then she would go right down. It made our nights much easier. It works so well that there many a nights I would fall a sleep shortly after putting her down because I smelled of the lavender too! I highly recommend this product.

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