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Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin®

Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin®

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This Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin® uses the odor-eliminating power of baking soda, combined with the patented self-sealing system to lock odors away. The pre-filled, vented baking soda dispenser sprinkles baking soda each time the lid is closed and continuously absorbs and eliminates odors even when the pail is not in use. The patented self-sealing system automatically seals the bag when the lid is closed and keeps it sealed when the lid is reopened. The disposable refill bags, each of which can hold up to 25 diapers, shut tight with a snap and can be easily tossed and replaced without cutting or tying. Includes (1) Pail and (3) Refill Bags.

Item #: 345599
SKU: D80E640C
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 735282106002
Manufacturer #: 10610

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14321 Reviewed May 16, 2012 by johnmo11

I do not think that it was not that good

43211 Reviewed April 27, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

I love this pail! It really contains diaper stinkies, and I REALLY put it to the test; since I cloth diaper my kids most of the time, I only need to empty this pail once a month- and I still don't have any problem with the smell! The baking soda dispenser in the lid is genius, and the fact that there are no complicated smell-containing mechanisms to get broken (as with some other diaper pails) means it has lasted 2 years and is still going strong. The only thing I don't like is how hard the baking soda dispenser is to refill, but I appreciate that you can do it yourself and don't have to buy refills! All in all, a great pail that I recommend to everyone.

54321 Reviewed April 12, 2012 by mamabear0711 Gold Member

Hands down this is the most affordable quality diaper pail out there. It works, never smells, and the refills are cheap in comparison. I love that it uses baking soda as a deodorizer. Worthwhile investment!

54321 Reviewed April 10, 2012 by ashlee418 Silver Member

This has to be the best diaper pail out there. There is absolutely no odor. It's easy to take the trash bag out, and also to refill the baking soda. The trash bags hold a large amount of diapers, so you get your money's worth out of the refill bags. Every nursery needs one!

54321 Reviewed April 10, 2012 by Lgj626

I went through 2 diaper champs with my daughter so I looked for something new with my son. There is no smell, no mess. The bags are easy to change and use. I would recommend this to anyone!!

54321 Reviewed April 10, 2012 by MVPotler Silver Member

I am so glad we got this diaper pail for the living room. You never smell dirty or wet diapers! The baking soda can be replaced when needed. We have to change the bag about twice a week, I think it holds about 20-25 diapers, depending on how big they are. It is easy to get a diaper in and close the lid. Once it is hard to close then you need a new bag.

43211 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by bngrv

I am so glad this is the one we got it is so easy to use. When you first get it you pull the sticker off the baking soda holder and load the bag. Everytime you open the lid it opens the bag a little so you can put the diaper in, you do have to push it in a little once it starts getting full, close the lid and it closes the bag and sprinkles baking soda. You do have to make sure the door is closed all the way when you change the bag out, since it will let the smells out.

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by grumpykel

I love this diaper pail. We have owned it for over 9 months and I haven't had the dirty diaper smell at all. This keep the smells contained pretty good. I also like that the bags are individual so you just pull and new one out and put it in(no tearing or cutting of the bags). I also like that you can seal the bag shut before removing it out of the container so you don't have to smell week old dirty diapers. Our child is in size 3 diapers and we have to change it less then once a week. The refill bag run about 50 cents a piece-but I will gladly pay that to not have to smell dirty diapers. I would reccommend this product!

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