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New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

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Whole-food multivitamin, including targeted levels of whole-food folate.

-Multi vitamins + herbs + minerals
-Cultured, organic, and safe for pregnancy herbal blend combine whole foods and Class 1 herbs with live probiotics to support a healthy pregnancy.
-Taken three times daily.

UPC: 727783003171

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54321 Reviewed April 27, 2012 by bser83

I took these throughout my pregnancy & never got nauseous, & continued to take them after I had our little boy so he would continue to get all the vitamins. Loved the fact that these are organic!

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by momma

I knew I was pregnant for the first time when I was doubled over with nausea. It was so miserable... then to think I had to take vitamins on top of it. I tried a couple brands, both of which made me feel horrible. Thinking I had 9 months of this ahead of me wasn't encouraging in the least. So, in between eating saltine crackers and sipping water I researched and researched for a vitamin that wouldn't make me feel sick to my stomach. I came across New Chapter and decided to give it a try. These vitamins were my answer and I'm still taking them 4 years later! I could take them on an empty stomach and they wouldn't make me feel sick. Plus, I'm vegan, and so I loved the fact that these vitamins fit into my dietary choices. Also, they are filled with great herbs and whole foods that support your pregancy. I highly recommend these to all my pregnant friends!

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