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OXO Tot Sprout Chair

OXO Tot Sprout Chair

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Designed to grow with your child from six months to five years, it boasts an adjustable seat and foot rest, and even an adjustable food tray that can be removed when your little one is ready to eat at the big kid table. Plus, its seat cushions are contoured to fit baby comfortably and easy to wipe clean.

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54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by jenniferkh

We splurged on this highchair and LOVE IT!
It's so easy to use and so easy to clean!
The tray has different settings so it can adjust with your growing child without leaving huge gaps between them and the tray top meaning you don't get as much food in the lap.
The back and seat cushions wipe down easier than any of the fabric options out there and they are held on my velcro so you can pull them out for a serious cleaning. This is one of the best features!
The plastic between the legs comes out so that it can be a regular chair for your child as they get older. Foot rests also move with your growing kid.
One of the things I must point out it that in so many other chairs the screw holes face up, meaning they collect so much gross food and are impossible to clean - on this chair they all face out or down = no nasty food collection. This is worth thinking about.
To top it all off this chair looks cute and comes in various wood/cushion color options to match your home's aesthetic. You can also buy other cushion colors if you want to change it up.
If you're on the fence I say spend the extra money and get this chair - you won't regret it!

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