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Palmer’s Just for Moms Deluxe Skin Care Gift Se

Palmer’s Just for Moms Deluxe Skin Care Gift Se

4 reviews

JUST FOR MOMS” Skin Care Gift Set contains three full size products: Massage Cream for Stretch Marks, Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, and Oil for Dry, Itchy Skin. A bonus gift is included as well: The Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World - over 13,001 Boys’ & Girls’ baby names.

Item #: 926976
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 010181040269
Manufacturer #: 4026

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54321 Reviewed April 17, 2012 by kstuppi Gold Member

I used this lotion the entire pregnancy. My hubby always said he loved the smell of it too :) I have not really gotten any stretch marks but my skin was always feeling itchy and this lotion really helped.

I liked that the lotion wasn't super oily and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy.

I usually applied it twice a day.

54321 Reviewed April 15, 2012 by mamabear0711 Gold Member

Great gift set and all of the products are helpful/useful. Any mom would love these products.

54321 Reviewed April 9, 2012 by lschroeder

I started using the cocoa butter oil when I have 1 1/2 months pregnant. I used this oil religiously day and night and only got a trace of a stretch mark. I delivered by daughter five months ago and continue to use the oil twice a day. The beginning of what I thought was a stretch mark is not even visible now. This product soaks in super fast and does not feel oily it also has a yummy smell! I recommedt this product to all expectant moma's!

43211 Reviewed April 7, 2012 by bsantoro145

I have always been a fan of Palmer's products. So, when my belly started expanding, I searched for relief from my dry, itchy skin. I was thrilled to find this gift pack of Palmer's products. With this purchase, I was able to get three full size bottles for around $17 (roughly four dollars cheaper than purchasing them all separately). Since we hadn't picked a name yet for the individual sitting on my bladder, I found myself in the skincare aisle daydreaming about my man lovingly rubbing Palmer's lotion on my belly while I reclined with my swollen ankles propped up on a designer pillow as I manically circled adorable baby names with a neon yellow hi-lighter. The screaming baby in aisle 3 abruptly startled me out of my dream, and I proceeded to the checkout. I used the Massage Cream, Lotion and Oil throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I found them all very pleasant smelling, with that hint of signature Palmer's cocoa butter smell. I prefer the oil, and especially like that it is packaged with a spray nozzle! Super easy to mist yourself after getting out of the shower. I also love the Massage Cream which is a bit thicker than the Massage Lotion. If you are a fan of a thin somewhat slippery lotion, then you'll love the Palmer's lotion, it just felt a bit greasy to me. (Yes, less greasy than the oil if that makes sense...) Overall, I think it's a great gift pack that gives a mama many options for soothing her dry, itchy skin. The baby name book was surprisingly funny!

I also purchased a separate gift pack containing Palmer's Nursing Butter and Palmer's Bottom Butter (for baby diaper rash). HIGHLY recommended!! Great job, Palmer's!

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