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Safety 1st Adjustable Mult-Purpose Strap

Safety 1st Adjustable Mult-Purpose Strap

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Help keep your child out of your personal belongings or places that they shouldn’t be. Length adjusts for items of all sizes. Ideal for drawers, cabinets, and more.

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43211 Reviewed April 27, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

I use these for my TV stand to keep the kids from opening the doors. They definitely work! So far these are the only baby-proofing item that my 2 year old hasn't figured out. Unfortunately they are a little bit of a pain for me, too, but not hard to use- the parts that you press to release the "lock" are small, but I'm assuming that's to make them hard for kids to open. A very good product for those hard-to-baby-proof cabinets drawers.

32121 Reviewed April 26, 2012 by janalpierce Gold Member

We bought these to keep the doors on our entertainment cabinet closed as the kiddos kept pulling out the movies and turning the dvd player off and on. While they work well to keep it shut, we have had to replace them several times as they have broken. They still suit our purpose in a way that we haven't found another product can, but I hate that you have to stick them to the cabinet, which makes it harder to then switch them out when the plastic strap breaks. Overall worth it though when they are not broken :)

21321 Reviewed April 13, 2012 by bansidhe Silver Member

We thought this was a great thing to keep our daughter out of the food cabinet; easy to install and easy for adults to open. Turns out the adhesive is so poor she would just rattle the cabinets and the strap would fall off!!

32121 Reviewed April 7, 2012 by shell15 Platinum Member

We bought this for our refrigerator, and while it worked at first, the adhesive didn't stay strong for more than a month. My husband had to find a stronger adhesive strip, so we could still use it.

43211 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by freesamplequeen Gold Member

These latches work well for things like oven doors and refrigerators in that they keep little hands from pulling them open. They are tug resistant and durable, easy to install and easy for adults to use for easy access.

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