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Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper

Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper

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With the Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper you and your baby are able to share a bed.  The design features a sturdy metal frame that prevents Mom or Dad from rolling over on top of baby. While the mesh sides promote better air circulation, soothing sounds and vibrations will lull baby to sleep safely and comfortably. 

Item #: 579583
SKU: E8427E0D
Manufacturer #: 91330

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54321 Reviewed April 13, 2012 by JenBenLola Platinum Member

We got this to use in our camper when we were camping because it was small and folded up... it worked great in our camper but we found we used it as a bassinet at home and even when visiting my in laws out of state. It folded up so easy and was small enough to stick anywhere. We didn't use his pack and play until he grew out of this. Also, the noise maker that comes with this is WONDERFUL!! The heartbeat sound played over and over and over when he was a new born, he LOVED it!! We still use this to this day and he's over a year. It's clipped on the changing table and he loves the lullibies on it. He can reach it and turn the noise back on and even turn the light on too! The light was handy for checking on him in the middle of the night too. If you travel alot with baby like we do, this is great. Way smaller and lighter then a pack and play. My son slept in it for months! It's also nice because the bed part is suspended so we could rock it a bit and it was sooth him back to sleep.

54321 Reviewed April 6, 2012 by shell15 Platinum Member

My mother gave me this product, so I could take naps with my baby and not have to get up and keep checking on her, after my c-section. I was so glad she found this product.

54321 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by MamaBear Platinum Member

This was a great product. It was given to us by a friend -- we never knew something like this even existed! We used this for at least the first several months and loved it. The best part? Nursing moms will appreciate having baby close by for all of those late night feedings!

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