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Thirsties Hemp Inserts

Thirsties Hemp Inserts

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Crafted from six layers of soft hemp/cotton jersey

-Adds significant amount of absorption power to any cloth diaper
-Perfect accessory for overnight cloth diapering
-Very trim fitting; only 0.25” thick
-Slow and stable absorption resists compression leaks
-Pairs nicely with thirsties pocket all-in-one cloth diapers

-Prewash on cold.
-Wash on hot or warm.
-Rinse twice.
-Hang to dry or dry in the dryer.

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32121 Reviewed April 27, 2012 by MamaBaffuto Gold Member

I wanted to use these to add extra absorbancy for overnight. I always hear great things about them, but personally, I wasn't impressed. They just soaked right through to the other insert (I use microfiber) in no time at all and stayed sopping wet against my baby's skin. If I used them the other way around (putting them under the microfiber) they seemed to just pull the moisture through the other inserts and stay sopping wet in the bottom of the diaper. Bottom line: although very absorbent, they just aren't what I was looking for.

43211 Reviewed April 5, 2012 by beetle

I stick one of these on top of the regular microfiber insert for night time and they work wonderfully without adding lots of bulk. They are super thin and I just wish they were a little less expensive since I need to buy quite a bit of them since I don't do cloth diaper laundry everyday.

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